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Custody Holdings APIs 2.1.2

Gain higher visibility on your Custody Holdings and movements

Are you performing time-consuming activities gathering information about your position holdings and security transactions across your safekeeping accounts?

Our Custody Holdings APIs connects you to our Credit Suisse custody system, providing 24 x 7 on-demand information about your safekeeping accounts, the positions as well the respective securities transactions for easy access or integration into your platform.

Our suite of Custody Holdings APIs

Account Information API

As part of our suite of Custody Holdings APIs, we provide base data of one or several safekeeping accounts.

Position API

As part of our suite of Custody Holdings APIs, we provide all securities positions data for safekeeping account(s) for a particular date.

Transactions API

As part of our suite of Custody Holdings APIs, we provide transactions data for all securities in a specific account.

Features and Benefits

Which data is provided through the three Custody Holdings APIs?

Account Information API:

  • Safekeeping Account Number
  • Bank name
  • Description (e.g. "Deposit")
  • Account Owner ID and Name

Position API:

  • Valuation Date (Position Date)
  • Reference Currency
  • Positions 
    • Security Identification (ISIN, Valor) and Description 
    • Quantity (currency, amount)
    • Stock Exchange
    • Average purchase price
    • Last traded price
    • Market value
    • Foreign Exchange Rate (date, rate, currency)
    • Change intraday (currency, amount, percentage)
    • Non-Realized Profit Loss (currency, amount, percentage)
    • Accrued Interest
    • Asset Category

Transaction API:

  • Time frame 
  • Transaction details
    • Safekeeping Account Number
    • Security Identification (ISIN, Valor)
    • Security Description 
    • Stock Exchange
    • Transaction type (e.g. "Purchase") and quantity
    • Average purchase price
    • Transaction ID
    • Trade date and Booking date
    • Cash Value date and Settlement date
    • Component description (e.g. "Exchange fee" with respective amount and currency)

Benefit: Accessing real-time data to actively monitor your custody holdings throughout the day

Our APIs provide real-time information about your position holdings across safekeeping accounts, thereby reducing the dependency on batch runs and achieving greater straight through processing (stp).


Benefit: Higher data accuracy improves reconciliation activities

Ensure that custody holdings positions and transactions are properly reflected in the internal records and update your investment book of records more efficiently.


Benefit: Direct API connectivity in your existing systems to automate processes

Our API data is provided directly into your ecosystem and interconnectivity across platforms as well as automate reporting duties.


Use Case

Go Live with APIs 

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