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Get Started

Welcome to our API Marketplace Starter Guide!

Join us and leverage the benefits of real-time data, products and services into your own ecosystem. Play around in our Sandbox and as a Client or Partner complete the contractual agreements to access our live production APIs!



Checkout our API Catalog and find the right API for you! Once you have found an API you are interested, you can learn more about the API features, benefits and use cases from the API description page.


Test in Sandbox

Choose any of our APIs and let the fun begin!

Our API Documentation shows you the specifications and information you need for using our APIs. They explain the required input for the request and the response output for your application. Then you're all set!

Now you can starting building applications from the Sandbox. Our Sandbox contains only mock data, therefore no production API Key is required. All you need to do is first click the 'Authorize' button, add any value and then continue with the 'Try it Out' on the API function you want to explore.


Access to Production

You need a contractual agreement with Credit Suisse in order to access our production APIs.

If you are already a Credit Suisse Client or Partner, please contact your Relationship Manager or Partner Representative to onboard and access our live APIs.

Not yet a Client or Partner? Join and get connected!

  1. Contact your Relationship Manager or Partner Representative

  2. Complete the contractual agreements and ensure you have the proper certificate in place

  3. Onboard your developers to our Developer Portal and download our test certificate to connect

  4. Let us know when you are ready to 'Go Live' and integrate our APIs into your environment!


Do you need help?

Whether just getting started or looking for support, we provide you with easy to follow guidelines, FAQs and a contact form for further questions.