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Cash Accounts APIs 1.3.2

Retrieve data from different cash accounts to get real-time visibility of your cash positions

Are you performing time-consuming queries to retrieve cash data across accounts?

With our Cash Accounts APIs you can receive cash data from your accounts. This allows you to achieve real-time visibility for reconciliation and to monitor your account balances and working capital more efficiently.


Our suite of Cash Accounts APIs

Account Information API

The Account Information API is part of the Cash Accounts APIs offering suite. This API returns base data of one or several cash accounts.

Account Balances API

The Account Balances API is part of the Cash Accounts APIs offering suite. This API returns different types of balances for the selected cash accounts per specified date.

Transactions API

The Transactions API is part of the Cash Accounts APIs offering suite. This API returns transaction history information for the selected cash account(s) (bookings and provisional bookings) for a date or range of dates.

Features and Benefits

Which data can be retrieved through the three Cash Accounts APIs?


Base Data API:

  • Cash Account Numbers, currency, bank name, IBAN and description
  • Account Owner ID and name
  • Debit i.r. and Credit i.r. 

Account Balances API:

  • Balance as per a specific date (Book Balance, Value Date Balance, Book Balance Excluding Prov Booking, Value Date Balance Excluding Prov Booking)

Transaction API:

  • Cash Account Number
  • Transaction type (e.g. "booked")
  • Booking Date 
  • Value Date
  • Time of Transaction
  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction Text
  • Transaction Amount (amount and currency)
  • Search criteria can be selected (e.g. cash account number for a specific date range and including provisional transactions)

Benefit: Maximize efficiency with real-time data exchange

Receive account and transaction data on-demand and avoid manual data queries to be performed in the online banking as well as dependencies on cut-off times or batch runs. Real-time data access allows to better manage your working capital.


Benefit: Avoid undesired effects of negative i.r.

Monitor  the account balances more closely through the API and prevent additional costs from negative i.r. whenever accounts do not display zero balance by end of day.


Benefit: Simplify reconciliation and enhance reporting services for treasurers

Experience the benefits of automatically receiving your cash balances in a consolidated view across accounts. Cash Account APIs can support the corporate treasury department by facilitating real-time cash management inquiries to retrieve account balances and transactions.


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