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Together with Credit Suisse

Just as Alfred Escher pioneered the Swiss railway system, we are pioneering our Open APIs and global digital experience for you

We believe in adding value through co-creation and innovation. Together building bridges in creating happy clients.

Our goal is designing new ways to build and grow your business and customer success. Let us know how we can help!

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Our Partners

We are at the forefront, driving many Swiss and Global Open Finance initiativesAs a member of the Swiss FinTech Innovations (SFTI), OpenWealth Association and initial member of bLink, we strengthen API standardization across many partner ecosystems.






As a member of the Swiss Bankers Association, Credit Suisse plays an integral part in all our wok to ensure the best possible framework conditions for Switzerland as a leading global financial center.

In particular, we are very proud and thankful for the active contribution of Credit Suisse in our working group on open finance. In this group, we are actively shaping the general conditions for a thriving and sustainable financial ecosystem in Switzerland, together with other associations and partners like Swiss Fintech Innovations (SFTI) and OpenWealth Association. Our goal is to establish and maintain framework conditions that facilitate business models based on open finance and thus increase the competitiveness of Switzerland’s financial center.

About Swiss Bankers Association (SBA): The SBA plays an active role in developing strategies in areas relevant to the future competitiveness of Swiss banking. An expert commission of the SBA on digitalisation is developing the foundations for the strategic positioning and opinion forming to this end. The SBA advocates for commensurate, principles-based regulation to ensure the continued competitiveness of the Swiss financial centre and its stakeholders. In doing so, the SBA makes a substantial contribution to strengthening and further developing Switzerland as a leading global financial centre.


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We are very proud to have Credit Suisse being such an active working group member in the Open Finance Common API working group of SFTI.

In this group we are leading and shaping the standardization of APIs as a key enabler in the interest of the Swiss financial center. Further we connect all relevant players in the best possible way to provide sound and broadly agreed standard API recommendations and foster unified API implementations, including mediation between the involved stakeholders.


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Credit Suisse is a key member of the OpenWealth Association, we highly appreciate the active contribution to the OpenWealth API working groups and the commitment to the association by representing the bank in the board of the association

The OpenWealth Association is an industry association with over 40 members consisting of financial institutions, wealth management software vendors (WealthTechs) and wealth management infrastructure providers (Service Providers). The Swiss-based association was founded in 2021 and aims to define, maintain and distribute a global Application Programming Interface (API) standard for the international wealth management industry.

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With bLink, SIX has developed a scalable Open Finance solution for the Swiss Financial center and beyond. Participants on the platform efficiently connect with each other to create innovative, integrated services for their corporate and private customers, based on secure data exchange. Credit Suisse is one of the pioneering members of bLink, accelerating the development of Open Finance in Switzerland as a major bank.

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