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We are Live

Dear Community,

After a long journey we are happy to welcome you to our API Marketplace!

In recent years, Credit Suisse has always strived to meet the new requirements of its clients. We have tried to design digital products in an efficient way with the highest possible outcome with the aim of offering “Banking as a Service” (BaaS). We understand Banking as a Service as going beyond traditional banking products and services to create added value for our Clients. These products include our APIs, which can be consumed directly by customers via the API Marketplace. The API Marketplace is our first step towards BaaS platform and offers comprehensive self-service, allowing our customers to act independently. With a lot of effort and passion we have built a platform that will grow with new Clients and Partners in the future.

The launch of the Developer Portal is crucial to further expand Banking services to our Clients. With our API offering, our Clients can accelerate growth by implementing the APIs directly into their systems.

To make this possible, we have been on a long journey. Under the motto "Together we are strong" we create win-win-win scenarios for all stakeholders.

We are convinced that our first partnerships will make a big difference in the future.

Credit Suisse x KLARA

KLARA simplifies administrative work for SMEs and digitalizes their accounting, order management or customer management. KLARA relies on an integrated solution for its customers to avoid time-consuming connection setup between different software systems. Together with KLARA, we have already been simplifying SME´s finance for more than two years. For instance, companies can submit a credit application to Credit Suisse directly via KLARA. All of this is very simple and digital thanks to a corresponding interface. The cumbersome forms are history. The result: credit offers for SMEs within seconds!

Press Release


Together, we aim to take Open Banking to a new level with the goal of building an ecosystem that benefits everyone. Many more will follow…

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We are moving in a fast-developing environment of Open Banking. New technologies and continuously evolving customer demands are the main drivers for Open Banking. It creates innovation and therefore offers new business opportunities which cannot be neglected any longer. Therefore, we start with an offer of several APIs for Cash and Custody to increase our Client’s efficiency by retrieving real-time data in an automated process on demand.

Do you need help?

Whether just getting started or looking for support, we provide you with easy to follow guidelines, FAQs and a contact form for further questions.